FALA Committees

Membership Committee

This committee works to develop, promote, and grow FALA membership through member recruitment campaigns, calls, facility visits, and networking at events such as FALA Chapter meetings.  The committee also monitors and develops enhancements to member benefits, as well as recommends changes to the annual dues structure when needed.

Staff Liaison – Mary Graddick (Mary@fala.org)

Bylaws Committee

This committee reviews and makes recommendations to the FALA Board as needed on edits to the Bylaws.  Most meetings are conducted via conference call and email.  

Staff Liaison – Tammi Wathen (Tammi@fala.org

Legislative Committee

This committee recommends the legislative priorities and actions to the FALA Board and follows activity during Legislative Session.  The committee meets several times a year via conference calls, including weekly calls during Session.  

Staff Liaison – Liberty Partners of Tallahassee (LibertyOffice@libertypartnersfl.com

Education Committee

This committee assists with the selection of conference speakers and educational sessions for continuing education credits (CEUs) through collaboration with the Conference Committee.  The committee is also engaged in guidance of future educational and training programs for association members and non-members. The committee meets several times during the year via conference calls.

Staff Liaisons – Anna Lopez (Anna@fala.org) & Emily Friedlander (Emily@fala.org)

Conference Committee

This committee develops the overall program for the annual conference, including theme, special events, and the tradeshow, and works as onsite volunteers at conference.  The committee also collaborates with the Education Committee on the educational content of the conference program.  This committee meets at least monthly via conference call in the six months prior to conference. 

Staff Liaison – Tammi Wathen (Tammi@fala.org

Governance Committee

This committee shall, among other things, serve as the Nominating Committee for the election of FALA's officers and directors.  Most meetings are conducted via conference call and email.

Staff Liaison – Bijou Ikli (Bijou@fala.org)

LTC Funding

This committee was developed to proactively address availability of long-term care (LTC) funding to seniors while providing timely and adequate reimbursement to providers through collaboration with government agencies and LTC Managed Care Providers. 

Staff Liaisons - Bijou Ikli (bijou@fala.org) and Cyndi Guerra (alfundinghelp@fala.org)


This committee reviews nominations for and selects recipients of FALA's annual awards, including the Administrator of the Year Award and Associate Member of the Year Award, and may develop new awards as appropriate.
Staff Liaison - Tammi Wathen (Tammi@fala.org)

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