FALA Trainers

Alberta Granger

Executive Director of Education & Regulatory Support

Alberta Granger is the Executive Director of Education and Regulatory Support. Alberta’s experiences in health care regulations span over 45 years from the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, the Agency for Health Care Administration, and the Florida Assisted Living Association.  She is very knowledgeable in the regulations and laws pertaining to assisted living facilities and adult family care homes.  Alberta retired from State Government in 2009 after serving the State of Florida in state government for 35 years.

Anna Lopez

Director of Professional Development

Anna Lopez is FALA's Director of Professional Development and is responsible for creating a comprehensive and integrated program for continuing education for ALF providers and employees.  She is also responsible for developing, coordinating, and conducting trainings for administrators and staff to exceed compliance requirements with Florida Statutes.  She conducts mock surveys and will consult with members to assess development needs and analyze training trends and organizational training needs to create appropriate programs.  Anna works with our Education team to oversee and implement new training programs.

Tonya McMillon

FALA Trainer

Tonya McMillon is a contracted employee with FALA. She has over 20 years’ experience in health care as a nurse. Currently, Tonya is responsible for conducting mock surveys and consulting with Assisted Living Facilities and Adult Family Care Homes. After working for over 27 years with the State of Florida, she retired. Now, she uses her knowledge, skills, and abilities as a professional nurse.  She trains individuals in the fields of Basic Life Support (CPR) and medication administration.

Cassandra Plaisir

FALA Trainer and Consultant

Cassandra Plaisir is a healthcare professional with a diverse background in nursing, healthcare management, and is a contracted employee with FALA. Cassandra holds a degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) in Health Information Management; she is a registered nurse; she is a basic life support (BLS) CPR instructor; and she is ALF core certified.  Cassandra has over 12 years of experience in healthcare and has served as a Wellness Director and Regional Clinical Specialist for various assisted living facilities.  Cassandra is dedicated, compassionate, and driven to advocate for quality care to the State’s vulnerable population.

Tina Carlyle

FALA Trainer and Consultant

Tina Carlyle is a Masters prepared advanced practice nurse, board certified dementia educator, healthcare & nurse consultant with over 28 years of experience. Tina has established herself as a leading authority in the training and development of healthcare professionals within Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs).  Her transition to training and consultancy was driven by a commitment to improve the standards of care in Assisted Living Facilities. Tina’s training programs are renowned for their innovative approach, incorporating the latest in healthcare technology, simulation-based learning, and evidence-based practices. Her expertise spans a wide range of critical areas, including geriatric care, chronic disease management, emergency response, and resident-centered care.