Financial Information

FALA supports the providers of housing, care and services of assisted living and and adult family care home providers.  This page has been created as a resource to easily connect with various sources of information that can assist in finding funding for residents that are in need or connecting you with Managed Care Plans as well as the Veterans Affairs. 

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DCF provided a PDF on Patient Responsibility. Download your copy today.

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Medicaid Plans

Medicaid does not pay for the room and board for the ALF/AFCH. Florida's Long Term Care Managed Care (LTCMC) plans assist with the cost of care under the "waiver" program via the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). The resident first has to apply and be approved by Medicaid then select a plan. ALFs and AFCHs can contract with LTCMC plans of their choice so that their "resident" which is the plan's "member" can obtain state assistance in paying for their care. This section has been created as a resource for providers to easily find and link to resources needed to apply, provide and navigate questions related to their participation in the Medicaid program and the plans. 

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For positive comments or help with obstacles with a plan and click here so that FALA can assist you.

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