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Author: Julie Rupenski 
The need for Senior Living interim leadership has been skyrocketing due to the COVID crisis combined with the ongoing talent shortage that has challenged our industry for years. Because of this talent gap, Interim executives are in high-demand and considered safeguards when it comes to maintaining leadership stability and organizational success.

Hiring an interim executive allows Senior Living organizations and communities to take stock, think about the role, make necessary changes, and then recruit the right permanent leader. Interim consultants can play a key role in assessing the position and making suggestions for what to look for in the next hire. Interims give insight into leadership that Senior Living needs today.

When should you consider Interim Leadership?

  • When an executive departs suddenly
  • When there’s no immediate successor
  • When you need to minimize business disruption and keep the momentum going
  • When your team is stretched too thin and needs a hand
  • When speed is a top concern
  • When you’d rather “try before buy”
  • When you have a tight budget and an interim solution could buy you the expertise you require at the right price

What should you look for in an Interim Leader?

Interim executives should be highly experienced within Senior Living and be able to hit the ground running in order to make a seamless transition. Many interims are later in their careers and therefore, have experienced a little bit of everything, which makes them good at stepping right in and managing a tough situation. They also offer strategic advice as they bring different points of view and fresh ideas.When considering an interim leader, it’s important to also look at their soft skills.  A good interim executive wants to make a difference, has passion for the industry, offers compassion to both staff and residents, offers creative solutions, and will have a positive and supportive effect. They should also understand the organization’s culture, mission, and team, and work successfully within that context.

What should the Board of Directors expect from an Interim Leader?

  • High degree of communication and collaboration
  • Competent handling of financial details
  • Calming presence and steady hand
  • Ensuring operations continue without interruption
  • Smooth transition from Interim Leader to perm leader

What are the most popular senior living executive interim placements right now?

If your senior living organization is short-handed and your team stretched too thin during this COVID crisis, hiring an interim professional is a viable solution and great safety net. Many communities are opting for short-term coverage while they seek to permanently fill a vacant key position. Interim leadership can be critical to minimizing business disruption and maintaining organizational stability and success.
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